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ABD Editing Services, Inc.

What do we do?

  • APA editing (7th Ed.)
  • Reference and Citation Verification, and
  • Improve scholarly voice and academic writing.



We provide comprehensive editing and formatting for doctoral dissertation candidates. Writing and formatting at the academic level of this terminal degree can be stressful and may be burdensome. Our coordination process has reduced the long editorial reviews and costly proofreading service fees. No waiting for subjective estimates – one set fee - covers everything in the editing process. Quick turnarounds and most requests completed in a few days depending solely on the number of references. We do not check for plagiarism and do not guarantee committee approval of editing services. However, a personalized, dedicated editing plan and accuracy of integrity assures each review. All editing services are designed to help you reach your goals to complete the writing requirements for your dissertation. We help you complete what you started because the best dissertation is a finished one.

APA editing (7th Ed.)
Reference/Citation Verification
Improvement of scholarly voice and academic writing


With over 25 years of business writing experience, Dr. Ingrid Hayes-Burrell, BA, MBA, DBA, possesses advanced degrees in Management, Organizational Development, and Business Administration - specializing in Leadership. She is a Magna cum laude master’s graduate of Trinity University, Washington, DC, and Magna cum laude doctoral graduate of the College of Management and Technology, Walden University. She is a passionate and committed scholar-practitioner, teacher, mentor, and researcher who possesses the combination of academic rigor and perseverance with practical real world business expertise. She is a gifted professor students remember long after the degree is hanging on the wall.

Her Dad and 1st Teacher - Mr. LeRoy H. Hayes, Jr.



Rate and Services

One Flat Rate - $500

We will edit your dissertation accordingly:


  • APA format and style

  • Grammar – Passive Voice, Anthropomorphism, Subject/Verb Agreements

  • Institutional dissertation guidelines

  • Punctuation

  • Reference List Format

  • Reference/Citation verification

  • Table of Contents – Figure and Table formats


Four Easy Steps:

Step 1:  Indicate the turnaround time for your document in the subject line in your email request. Send your document in Microsoft Word format. If your document is greater than 10mb, please zip it.


Needed by/Turnaround Date - ________________________


Step 2:  After submitting your document, ABD Editing Services will evaluate, assign an editor, and send you an invoice for services.


Step 3:  We will send you an email invoice verifying your order. This will include a link to make your payment through PayPal, our secure online payment service. Once we have received notification of your payment, work begins on your document.


Step 4:  Your edited document will be returned on or before your deadline date. Every step will be taken to ensure your personal information and document are secured/protected.

Testimonial from Dr. Ashley N. Campbell, Ph.D, University of Rochester:

THANK YOU so much for your services with my dissertation. My process with this journey was a little out of order. I should have engaged your services before my defense, but my dissertation chair changed things up at the last minute. I defended my dissertation on November 21, 2019. I am sincerely appreciative of your comments and edits. I am now in the final stages of preparing the dissertation for publication. 

Editing services previously provided to doctoral candidates from the following institutions:  


St. John Fisher College

University of Rochester

University of Phoenix

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

University of Arizona

University of Maryland University College






To meet your specific editing needs choose from the listing above and indicate selections in the message box below.

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